517 Reusable Sanitary DfG Kits for School Girls at Mkeha and Kidugala

On April 16, 2023 the HUST-DfG sewing team was happy after finishing their sewing work of 517 Reusable Sanitary DfG kits (RS-DfG kits) for school girls of Mkeha and Kidugala where 1,117 community and school population received education on menstrual hygiene management and gender-based violence to children and, in additional, 506 school girls and female staff received RR-DfG kits.

This project aimed at making menstruating stay in school to ensure gender equality in education. The project was implemented by HUST after being sponsored by Global Health Ministries (GHM) of Minnesota USA through the endorsement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) - Southern Diocese, Njombe.